7 Tips for Enhancing D&D Encounters

The Nerdd

When you are writing an adventure for your Dungeons & Dragons party, there will be fights. This game, at it’s core, is about fighting monsters. That is why 1/3 of the core rulebooks is just monster stats, and why most of the Player’s Handbook is their characters murder-ability. If you want to play without fighting monsters, I’m not going to gatekeep and say that you shouldn’t play D&D, but there are probably other TtRPGs that you are going to enjoy more. Go explore some of those as well.

Anyway, you’re going to be fighting, and it’s possible/probable that it’s going to be monsters you’re fighting. For new players or new Dungeon Masters (DMs), the idea of the fight itself can be exciting on it’s own, as everyone figures out their abilities, initiative order, saving throws, and more. However, once the party gets to about 5th level, sure you keep getting…

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