Feature | Introducing My Son To Dungeons and Dragons

Games With Toasty

I have always been an avid video gamer. My Mam used to tell me I was born with a Gameboy in one hand and the schematics for the Nintendo 64 in the other. Despite being a massive fan of RPG’s – whether that be Baldur’s Gate, Final Fantasy or Morrowind – I never really got into Tabletop RPG’s. When I evolved into a dashingly handsome teenager, however, I started to dabble more and even joined a Dungeons and Dragons game with some friends. Those were, without a doubt, some of the best memories of my teen years. When it ended though, so did my attraction to the genre.

Now I am a fully-fledged adult with kids and responsibilities, I got the overwhelming urge (possibly lockdown related…) to grab some graph paper, pick up some dice and play again.

“Screw video games!” I cried. All I need is merry company, a…

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