Defending Your Wizard Tower


If you’re defending your wizard tower, there’s a number of spells that may come in handy. While this is likely more useful information for DMs doing worldbuilding, higher-level wizards might also start to dabble with these spells if outfitting their own tower.

Alarm. This one does what it says on the box. If a creature steps into the area of the alarm, the spell notifies the caster. This can be audible or silent, and wakes the caster if they’re sleeping.
Cost: 0 gp

Arcane Lock. This spell juices up the DC to break or pick any locked door, window, chest, or other object by 10. When you cast it, you can whitelist any number of creatures to pass through. You can also set a password that suppresses the spell for 1 minute. Great for making any location more secure.
Cost: 25 gp/cast

Glyph of Warding. This nearly invisible marking can…

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