Gloomforge Caverns

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Gloomforge Caverns (300dpi promo)
Gloomforge Caverns (300dpi promo)

There is the echoing sound of metal on metal under the hills of Mirnel Kuzek on the darkest nights of the year and some claim that on these same nights you can see a reddish glow emanating from a set of small rocky caves that now bear the name of the Gloomforge Caverns.

Gloomforge Caverns (1200dpi)
Gloomforge Caverns (1200dpi)

The reality is the Gloomforge Caverns were once a secret goblinoid base, a foothold for the forces of the ogre warlord Kisgrod Dornuug lead by one of the elite ragecursed diabolists. Their foothold did not last long and they were discovered and quietly slain by a team of covenlight elves. In the end, this precipitated the invasion of Kisgrod Dornugg and the rising of the hills themselves as mighty elementals at the beck and call of his diabolists.

Gloomforge Caverns (1200dpi - no grid)
Gloomforge Caverns (1200dpi – no grid)

Today the Gloomforge Caverns are still…

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