The Wight’s Den

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Wight's Den (300 dpi promo)
The Wight’s Den (300 dpi promo)

Long ago this cave was expanded upon to serve as the home to a massive bark-skinned beastman, kept here by the priesthood of Nylea, god of the hunt, who they believed to be his mother. The beastman stayed in the long lower chamber, and food and offerings were thrown down by acolytes from the stone bridge thirty feet overhead.

The Wight's Den (1200 dpi)
The Wight’s Den (1200 dpi)

A single renegade priest remains – last survivor of that Nylean sect, cursed to eternal unlife because he dared to slay the beastman in self defense when he became trapped down here. While he typically remains in the chambers off the southeast corner of the grand hall (sitting among the strange wooden bones of the dead beastman), he will stalk after intruders in the dungeon as he knows the twists, turns, and stairs as only someone who has been living…

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