10 More Tips for Beginning DMs

The Nerdd

Almost a year ago, I wrote 10 Tips for a First Time DM. Now, as we finish off our month of Dungeons & Dragons articles, I wanted to wrap it up with 10 more tips. I hope the stuff I’ve written this month is helpful to you as you write your next adventure.

Memes aren’t necessarily related to the respective paragraph.

Know What You Want

The role of a Dungeon Master is a tough one. You spend more time than anyone else working on the adventure, as you prepare, study, and plan out for the upcoming session, or many sessions. It’s important that you know why you put yourself into this position in the first place.

Perhaps you have a group that no one wants to be the DM, so you have taken on the responsibility, because if you didn’t, no one would. If that’s the case, then make…

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