Monster Mania: Shield Guardian

The Dungeoneer's Journal

As glass cannons, Wizards typically try to find every avenue with which to better defend themselves. Whether it be the tank of the group, or in this case, a large metal construct. Shield Guardians are a spellcaster’s best friend. They are extremely strong and defensively imposing, giving their masters much needed backup when in an encounter. Each Shield Guardian is paired with an amulet that is worn by their master, and acts like an invisible tether where all the benefits of the Guardian works through. There are many benefits to this big fella: first is the ability to telepathically communicate with it and command it as long as you’re in the same plane, spellcaster’s are able to store one spell within it to then use at a later time when commanded, and perhaps the two biggest buffs you get from a Shield Guardian is the increase to your own AC…

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