My Top Ten Favorite Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters!

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Super Smash Brothers Melee was one of the first video games I ever played. I’ve always had a love for the Smash Brothers series, and I have played almost every Super Smash Brothers game. Each game that joins the Super Smash Brothers series has more and more playable characters. Now we have Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, which has almost 80 playable characters with more being added frequently! Today, I’m going to go through my top ten favorite characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! Honestly this was really hard for me because I play with about 20 different characters in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate! I did manage to narrow it down to 10 characters which are…

10. Kirby

He’s adorable, and he’s an OG character that’s been with us since the first Smash Brothers game came out! He’s able to gain height easily with his jump abilities and his B moves…

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