Ruins of Undermountain 2: Go Deeper in Forgotten Realms’ Megadungeon (1994)

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Ruins of Undermountain II: The Deep Levels (1994) arrived after the success of the original Undermountain box set (1991). Ed Greenwood’s megadungeon was an old school throwback not often seen in the Nineties, with unbalanced encounters, countless traps and portals, and a whole lotta unkeyed locations for the DM to populate.

The original Ruins of Undermountain (RoM) featured 4 large poster maps of the dungeon’s first 3 levels, all loosely interlinked. I ran my boys through a few Undermountain sessions years ago (some short write-ups here, here, and here). The little campaign petered out for reasons I can’t remember. It really is a vast dungeon; easily being a campaign setting in itself.

RoM1 was so successful that it was reprinted in 1993 with the thicker box TSR was using at the time. RoM2 shares this later format. Both sets were still promoted as of TSR’s 1996…

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