Google Stadia’s Potential Future


On February 1, 2020, Vice President and General Manager of Google Stadia Phil Harrison announced that the game streaming platform will focus its efforts on third party games and close down their first-party titles. This change affected 150 developers as they departed the company at the same time as the announcement. Harrison shared the direction that the company would be going in a blog post, stating that Stadia would become a storefront for cross-platform titles.

Some may question that this will lead to Stadia being shut down eventually. Still, with this announcement, Stadia’s focus seems to be fighting a different fight, and that is against the likes of Nvidia GeForce. Nvidia GeForce is a game streaming platform that connects to other storefronts such as, Steam, and Epic Games. Google can take a similar approach and become another game streaming platform that allows major storefronts to connect games to…

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