Darthwolf 21

Micki's Delirium

This is just a quick draft of a TR build, mostly copying feats from Amalf’s build. I do plan on playing Firetha with Darthwolf piking, but unlike the build I did on Darthpyre, I actually wanted this build to be playable.

Here’s the quick draft, made with the Lite planner. DDO Lite 2020-11-12

Alchemist 20
True Neutral Human

               36pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     --------
Strength        11       +4       4: INT
Dexterity        8       +4       8: INT
Constitution    17       +4      12: INT
Intelligence    18       +4      16: INT
Wisdom           8       +4      20: INT
Charisma        12       +6

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