My Ideal 3D Sonic the Hedgehog Game

Nepiki Gaming

I truly feel old by saying that this year, our favourite blue hedgehog will already turn 30 years old. From starting as a competitor against Mario and the mascot from Sega, to becoming a true gaming legend; it’s no secret that Sonic the Hedgehog is my favourite gaming franchise out there for multiple reasons that I might go into another day. The games may not always be up to the quality we desire, but I can still get a lot of fun out of pretty much every Sonic game, and that’s what matters to me.

Since 2021 is Sonic’s 30th anniversary, it’s very likely that we’ll end up with a brand new Sonic game this year. Every 5-year anniversary before this one had a new game after all. I think it’s very likely that said game will be another 3D game, though getting a 2D sequel to Mania alongside the…

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