Video Games Are Cool!


Video games are cool!

I believe this statement to be true for a few different reasons.

The Kinda Funny crew says this phrase a lot — mainly Tim. [Kinda Funny YouTube] I’ve watched every episode of Kinda Funny Games Daily since the beginning a few years ago. It’s where I get my news from — my daily gaming and nerdy news.

There are so many types of games to play for every type of gamer. It’s cool that I can think of all of the games I’m playing at any given moment and they are all so different from one another: Puzzle games (Tetris Effect), AAA games (Ghost of Tsushima), Battle Royales (Apex Legends), Story-driven games (The Last of Us II), Open world games (Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey), MMOs, RPGs and JRPGs. I usually have at least one big story-driven/open world game, some indies and some online games in…

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