Fiefo’s Five Hottest Female Video Game Characters

3rd World Geeks

Well, it’s that time of year again when people go goo-goo and make a big deal about love. So, looking back at last year, I wrote a piece about my animated female crushes. This year, I’ve decided to tackle another list with the same idea in mind. But, this time, I decided to focus on my crushes from video games. This was a lot harder than I expected because, in retrospect, I don’t have a staggering list of crushes in the realm of video games. I can’t really explain why this is.

Maybe it’s because, in a lot of video games, their personalities grow based on your interaction with them and you never see them “grow” on their own accord. Or maybe it’s just that the animated female figure just looks more appealing than a bunch of polygons formed together to look like a girl. I just cant explain…

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