Intimacy Issues: Game Lovin’


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so that means it’s time for AmbiGaming to analyze the heck out of relationships!

3 hearts

We’ve talked about the importance of virtual love and how our virtual relationships define us. And anyone who has been here long enough knows my crusade for defeating gender stereotyping.

We’ve talked about love, we’ve talked about stereotypes, we’ve talked about romance. So what’s in my sights today, leading up to this Valentine’s Day 2021?

Physical intimacy, of course. And all the issues that come along with it.

Don’t worry, this post is safe for work, but be warned that we will be talking about how games handle relationships and intimacy, and some unintended implications from these portrayals.

M(ass) Effect

Pardon the pun, because I’m actually starting off by talking about Dragon Age, and I couldn’t think of an innuendo that went with that franchise title.

As some of you…

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