Spellreach Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Spellreach Tower (300 dpi promotional)
Spellreach Tower (300 dpi promotional)

The convocation of the Celestial Order, magi of the Azyr, are not numerous nor influential in the city. The local convocation does, however, have fairly deep coffers and a well-maintained chapterhouse where visiting magi are welcomed and a moderate library of texts and scrolls has been accumulated for study.

Spellreach Tower (1200 dpi)
Spellreach Tower (1200 dpi)

Their chapterhouse, Spellreach Tower, is built of heavy blue stone imported (or more likely summoned) from distant lands with many buttresses and arching ceilings and a pair of towers. The shorter tower is about 50 feet tall and has a massive dome as the upper level and a collection of artifacts, scrolls, and likenesses of elder magi of the order on display – the taller spire attached goes up another 20 feet above the dome and is used as a meeting space when important deliberations of the masters are required, and for…

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