What is a ‘Gamer’?

Uncle Chaws

Would you call yourself a gamer? If so, how would you describe what that means? What stereotypes would you say are associated with the term? After thinking about all of that, would you still call yourself a gamer?

For as long as I’ve played video games, the term has been used as a label for people who are serious about playing video games. It’s used for shorthand introductions. Put gamer in your profile and it says “hello fellow gaming enthusiast. I also play video games”. It’s the equivalent of giving a frat brother ‘the grip’. Problem is, the word is saddled with so much baggage that wearing the title is becoming a burden.

My good friend Tilt would say that I’ve become an elitist. Too cool for the a word that sits in my social media bio. On one hand I would say that he’s right. The man I am…

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