Game developer hasn’t left home in 10 years

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by Emerald Pellot, In The Know

Nito Soujiis the internet’s favoritehikikomori —the video game developer hasn’t left his apartment in 10 years.

In Japan, there are roughly 1 million people who identify ashikikomori,people who isolate at home for at least six consecutive months. Hikikomori don’t travel to school or work or interact with others outside of their family.

Souji became a hikikomori in part by circumstance and in part by choice. When Souji couldn’t get a job after college or become a novelist like he had dreamed, he went to his hometown to live alone in his aunt’s apartment.

“I had no friends in my hometown and felt rushed to become financially independent as soon as possible, feeling ashamed to go outside. So I became a hikikomori,” SoujitoldKyodo News.

His time alone has proven to be fruitful. Souji learned English, started aYouTube…

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