Thinking about the game, playstyles and endgame

Micki's Delirium

Every once in a while I find myself thinking about this game, why I keep playing it, what it has become and what the community has become. I think things are quite different now from what they were back when I started, but some things have remained the same. To me, the reason why I play has always been more about the community than it has been about the game. I also set goals for my toons a long time ago and I’ve more or less been sticking to those goals.

I’ve always loved running raids, and I wanted to try harder difficulties, which became difficult to do with just random pugs. So I created eeraids channel and decided to start doing eeraids regularly. Then Storms created Orien Raiding Discord, Titus helped advertise my raids, and things took off from there. I invited some of the regular raiders to…

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