D&D Diary – Dragon of Icespire Peak – Session 5

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The Menagerie travels to the actual Sword Coast where they deal with banshees, the world’s ugliest harpy, and their own destructive tendencies.

Icespire Cover3When last we left our heroes, they had managed to convince a Manticore (of all things) to become a Defender of Phandalin by keeping it hopped up on hallucinogenic purple ‘shroom bread. This week, Andrew doesn’t want to be the DM (again), so I have to take up the mantle (again). Also, for some reason, Andrew doesn’t want to play his Minotaur ranger and instead wants to play my Tortle monk. Whatever. James is still playing his Bullywug barbarian/druid, and since it is just the three of us playing this week, I added the Minotaur as an NPC “sidekick” (I hate this term WotC, just call them followers or retainers or anything else!)

Ignoring all of the actual missions on the bulletin board, they decide to take…

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