Fighting Games and Approachable Design

Frostilyte Writes

I’ve been thinking about this image lately. I first saw it around five years ago when Sirlin Games was getting their approachable fighting game Fantasy Strike off the ground. Fighting games have a reputation that trends towards difficulty and Sirlin Games identified this huge space to play in that moved away from the difficult games that dominate the Fighting Game Community.

At the time, there were few fighting games that aimed to be truly approachable. Various fighting games had dabbled in single button special move inputs (Fate/unlimited Codes) or easy input modes that allowed for automatic combos (Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4 Arena), but rarely were these the driving design force behind a game. Rather, these options were supplemental and often limited access to some of the more nuanced and interesting mechanics these games had on offer.

Divekick was one of the earliest and…

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