The Dangers of Overhyping a Fanbase

Gamer Crash

At long last, fans were getting a digital event. Nintendo was going to be the first in 2021 to showcase new content which was specifically stated to be games coming in the first half of 2021. Better yet, it was set to be a 50 minute presentation echoing shades of past E3 directs.

Also, did you know that it was the first major Direct we’ve had since 2019? The was a fact that was hammered home all over, even by Nintendo themselves during the beginning of the presentation. With over 24 hours to sit and think about things, there’s no way that expectations could spiral out of control, right?

Excitement was through the roof for what could be! Fans were so hyped that they managed to get Mario Kart 9 trending on social media even though Nintendo has offered no hints, teases, or indications that another game was on the…

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