MMORPG gaming history, part 1


I noticed via Twitter that some MMORPG players were tweeting lists of the games in the genre they had “ever played (even for just for like a day)”. Belghast has done a blog post on the same topic, with a link to the source Tweet, if you’re interested. Such a list is likely to be rather long for myself – I’ve tried a lot of MMORPGs over the years since I started in the genre. I’ll try and add a list of all the games I’ve played, it gets easier to identify the order of them after 2011 as I’ll have almost inevitably written about each one that I played at least once…

It’s something I’ve touched on before, but not in quite this much detail:

Mankind, 1999

I was bugged constantly by a work colleague to get this back when Internet access was expensive and oh so…

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