My Super Simple D&D Game

The Nerdd

The other day at work, I was mentioning to some co-workers about how I have a Dungeons & Dragons session that evening, and they mentioned that they had always been interested in that game, but it just seemed “too confusing” and had “too many rules.” I could tell that an offer for them to join the game would seem too big of a task, and too intimidating. So instead, I offered to run them a super short session, that I promised would not be too confusing.

This was that game.


I explained that the game essentially is based on three things.

  1. I, the Dungeon Master, explain the situation and environment to you.
  2. You describe how you want to react to what I’ve told you, whether that’s talk to someone, attack something, go somewhere, etc.
    1. For most things, I will ask you to roll a 20-sided dice. The higher you…

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