Loreweaver Monastery

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Loreweaver Monastery (300 dpi promotional)
Loreweaver Monastery (300 dpi promotional)

Atop the steep stony embankments of the Red River about a day’s travel from Letath is the Loreweaver Monastery where a group of cloistered servants of Hecate, goddess of magic & the moon. Most spend their days duplicating texts either to enlarge the cloister library or to trade to others for books they do not have. A smaller number work with handicrafts – crafting orbs, wands and other foci. These foci are always slightly magical of their own accord, crafted only at night and alloyed or inlayed with moonlight made solid.

Loreweaver Monastery (1200 dpi)
Loreweaver Monastery (1200 dpi)

As a shrine the Hecate, they also see a fair number of visitors seeking her magic or assistance with other spells, hexes, geases, and curses or wishing to access the cloister library. Others are less charitable towards the Loreweavers – seeing it as a den of witches and warlocks who…

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