DragonStrike (1993): D&D’s rival to the HeroQuest board game

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Dragon Strike was a game that spent most of the intervening years outside my notice. I’d written it off as yet another of the “Intro to D&D” box sets that TSR released every couple of years, except this time they added a videotape. But in reading up on the DragonStrike set sitting in front of me, I found it to be more interesting than than that.

In 1989, the HeroQuest boardgame hit the market, “created by Milton Bradley in conjunction with the British company Games Workshop” (- Wikipedia). Players were pitted against a gamemaster in Heroquest. The board game was easy to learn, popular, and possessed RPG elements.

TSR, feeling the heat, spent the next few years releasing simplified Dungeons & Dragons sets.

Sensing that they were still losing to MB, TSR tried one last game. A game in the mold (literally) of Hero Quest. This would be the…

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