Shadows of the Ruinous Powers – Session 53

Dyson's Dodecahedron

(Being a series of quick game notes trying to account for the events of many sessions of playing through The Enemy Within using the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1e rules.)

Session 53

The Affair of the Hidden Jewel & 30-50 Feral Hogs

  • Gottlieb [Assassin] – I 63
  • Larry [Mercenary Captain] – I 58
  • Brother Nate [Witch Hunter] – I 54
  • Wilfried [Forger] – I 53

Entering Schwarzmarket from the Drakwald, there are many printed posters in the area that are recently posted and that use an expensive type to draw the eye… not to mention a huge reward offer.

Reward! 300 Crowns to whoever can bring the head of the dastardly brigand known as the Black Arrow to his Grace the Count Amadeus van Drakensberg. His Grace has means of detecting substitutes.”

With several of the group being of criminal disposition and native to nearby Delberz, they recognize the Black…

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