Long Dungeon is Long

Dyson's Dodecahedron

“Five Minute Dungeon is Short according to Albert Norman”

Long Dungeon is Long (300 dpi)
Long Dungeon is Long (300 dpi)

The caves lead deep under the hillside, and the hills on each side of the caves were once mounds of stone dug out of the caves and left here, slowly gathering dirt and grass over the ages.

Somewhere back in the dark recesses is a temple to the Coalbone Clan dwarves’ dark lord of caves and grief. Within that temple is a pool of black liquid said to be the god’s tears. For generations, dwarves of the clan have been offering gold and gems as sacrifice – dropped into the black pool during ceremonies to help find new coal and to mourn the passing of clan members and the loss of the ancient earthship that the clan used to get to this world where they are now trapped.

And you know dwarves… there’s got to…

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