AD&D 1e Gold DM Screens: A Visual Guide to Printings

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The classic gold-colored Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st EditionDungeon Masters Screen went through 6 printings before transitioning over to the Easley-cover style in 1985.

The Acaeum has been my go-to D&D reference for years. I can never remember the little details that distinguish the various DM Screen printings. It still takes me too long to nail down the printing reading through the notes. (And, yes, I feel compelled to look up every screen I sell!)

So I’m making this visual guide as much for myself as for anybody else. This post is only possible due to the painstaking work over at The Acaeum’s DM Screens page.

I’ve got a bunch of Screen 1s, been sitting in my Boneyard for many years. The intent was always to find Screen 2s to match and sell, but Screen 2s are more scarce, particularly with the earlier printings. Decided to let go…

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