Tomb of Annihilation #40: Shrines of Annihilation

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters, after the party escaped the vise of the evil snake-people, they caught on to the significance of the cubes as “keys” to the Tomb of the Nine Gods. An old paladin friend rejoins the party in the meantime. They begin racing the Red Wizards to gain the cubes from the shrines of the lost city. (-GM) 

25th of Kythorn (“The Time of Flowers”), 1493 DR (Dalereckoning)

Dalbin Firestorm, 1471-1493
“Dont touch the cube”

“Once again we fought. This time against these tough statue-soldiers.”

Don’t touch the cube. Something that should have crossed Dalbin’s mind before he grabbed the cube and turned to stone. And even though the cubes have caused us lots of trouble, the Red Wizards, the loss of Dalbin and several fights, we kept looking for them.

In the first shrine we visited that day we found a pit. And I know what you’re…

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