9 Ideas for GM Appreciation Day on March 4th

The Nerdd

March 4th is International Game Master’s Appreciation Day! Whether you play Dungeons & Dragons and have a Dungeon Master (DM), or some other system with a Game Master (GM), Referee, or whatever you want to call it, this is a day to say thank you for the one who runs and organizes your TtRPG sessions.

GMs do a lot of work each week preparing for the upcoming session. They plan ahead for the story, whether it’s prewritten or original, they probably don’t know all the rules, but they make the call anyway. They try to balance challenging you, without killing you, making it believable, without it being boring, and creating a cool story, without railroading you into one. GMs do a lot of work, so this March 4th, take time to appreciate yours. Here are some ideas.

Run a One Shot

Some GMs do it because they love to run…

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