Hell’s Rebels #30: The Shells and the Spells

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party descends deeper in the former gambling hall and thieves’ guild, to a level buried in water with more dangers and mysteries… –GM

20th of Sarenith, 4715 AR

We were surrounded on all sides by masses of these fish men.  The formerly clear water already full of blood, ours and theirs.  Narkwood alone was surrounded by 5 of the beasts, with his back against a pillar.  Their tridents and claws weren’t doing much to him individually, but with all of them combined, it wasn’t pretty.  Sillin let loose a lightning bolt, with the cramped positioning, the tendrils licked at anything it could touch, frying 5 of them, but they just got back up.  Taka was causing them hell, but I couldn’t do more than scratch them.  Herald of The Forgotten Forge launched a flurry of water bees, gnawing away at three of them.  Narkwood’s axe rose and fell…

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