The Gunslinger Misfire


What is the Gunslinger?

The Gunslinger is a homebrew subclass created by Matthew Mercer, famed Dungeon Master of the Critical Role actual play D&D show. The Gunslinger is a subclass for the Fighter class.

Perhaps owing to the fact that it was originally created for Pathfinder, the Gunslinger carries some vestiges that overlap with 5th Edition design. Instead of relying on the standard firearm mechanics presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide (p. 268), the Gunslinger cooks up its own firearms table.

Note that the Gunslinger table includes a new property: Misfire.

Where does Gunslinger fumble?

The Gunslinger’s Misfire mechanic resembles “critical fumble” tables. By building on this cracked foundation, the frustrations become more prevalent as the Gunslinger levels up. Let’s walk through it.

Critical Fumbles

A “critical fail” is when you roll a 1. Rules as written (RAW) state that the only bad thing that happens when you roll…

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