VR is strange


Trends come and go, then come back again. A few years ago, Virtual Reality came back trying to become the next big thing in gaming. Everyone wanted to make a VR headset — Oculus, Samsung, Valve, Playstation… This wasn’t the first time we’d seen multiple VR headsets in the wild. Back in 1995, Nintendo released the Virtual Boy (a strange desktop VR kit that only used red lines and gave us all migraines). A few VR headsets had been created by tech companies back then. In the movie Blank Check (1994) Preston Waters buys an insane arcade-style VR rig for his giant mansion.

Technology is always constantly moving forward. Anytime you buy the newest tech, you have to be ready for it to be outdated in a couple of years (maybe sooner). Since HDTVs were first brought to the market most of us have been searching for the largest TV…

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