WoW Classic: Treasures in the toilet

Bio Break

These days I feel like I’m gaming with one foot in WoW Classic and the other in Burning Crusade Classic. I’m invested in the journey of my character in the old Azeroth and all that that entails, but I’m also preparing mentally and otherwise for BCC. Honestly, the pre-patch with Draenei can’t come soon enough. I need my space goat!

But I’ve got miles to go before I can sleep at level 60. I’ve hit 32, which isn’t nothing, and I’m starting to get hopeful for seeing an actual mount in my lifetime here. Meanwhile, my pets and I have been crisscrossing the world in an attempt to get those XP-rich quests done and maybe make a buck or two along the way.

Since I’ve been doing so many quests, I’ve noticed that these weren’t as boring or static as my memory once told me. I’ve been surprised on many…

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