Rise of the Runelords #34: Big Theft in Little Magnimar

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party explores the Skinsaw Man’s city townhouse in Magnimar. -GM

9th of Neth, 4707 AR

We finish fighting the faceless monster and look around the ransacked house. After a very long amount of searching, we find a secret door in a fireplace and find 80 gold and a book with some entries about “Iesha’s trip to Absalom.” We see that Aldern was paying 20 gold a week for it to someone “near the sawmill.” In a locked shallow wooden case we see the deed to Foxglove Manor.

We go to the shadow district to find some info on the murders there and JAIL GETS FRICKEN ROBBED by some goblin. We end after catching up to the robber. What a cliff hanger.

-Jail (Cort)


Cheklz, kobold-changeling fighter 5
Jail, tiefling inventor 6
Jo Mama, kobold gunslinger 5
Thanatos, elven ranger (medic) 5

Staz, elf-changeling oracle 5
Sylandia, elf-tiefling ranger…

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