Alting I will go


Massively OP had a post asking why readers play alt characters a few days ago. At the time I was focused on which game I could play more than which character. I’ve been playing alts almost as long as I have played MMORPGs. In answer to the Massively post, I play alts for two reasons: firstly, to fill party role gaps for startic groups, and secondly for crafting self-reliance.

I played a couple of sessions of Black Desert Online, and by pure chance I manage to find the quests to unlock farming, which I’d quested past many levels before without noticing. I started farming with expectations that I would really enjoy this aspect of the game. I had several cooking quests already, so being able to produce more of the raw ingredients myself appeals to me.

Sadly, I’d forgotten one of the major gameplay aspects of BDO, the game is…

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