Shattered Star #35: Too Weary for Riddles

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In missing chapters of our tale, the party defeated more Gray Maidens and tried to rest in their barracks, only to be attacked by the “Runelord of Lust” herself. They then explored a well-hidden secret door… –GM

6th of Sarenith, 4712 AR

How long were we in these caves? Days? Weeks? It was hard to track time without any sunlight. Instead of offering the comfort of the skies, the next room was adorned with intricate columns depicting intertwined limbs. The far wall opened into a cave with the floor and walls only partially smoothed. We had little time to wonder what had stopped the architects from finishing this room, as four hideous demons covered in blood sprung from the shadows and attacked us.

They didn’t seem to be too bothered by my arrows, so I decided to focus on healing the more effective combatants. After a while one of the…

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