It might be time to say goodbye to RIFT

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Even when you’re not playing your past favorite MMOs, you still have a fondness and a heart for them — and you certainly don’t want to see them come on bad times. Every time I think about Secret World, for instance, I let out a long sigh and count myself fortunate that I got so many good years when it was still being developed.

And I definitely feel an ache whenever my thoughts turn to RIFT. It wasn’t like it was getting a ton of development prior to the Trion sale, but after Gamigo picked it up, the most significant new additions to the game were the seasonal battle passes. It’d just slowed down to a grinding halt, with the new owners not very interested in talking with the community or laying out any future plans.

For Gamigo, it’s been all ArcheAge and Trove from the Trion acquisition. It shut…

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