The Mocking Crypts

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Mocking Crypts (300 dpi promotional)
The Mocking Crypts (300 dpi promotional)

Believed to be an alternate entrance into the Sentinel’s Depths, the Mocking Crypts received their name because of the massive enchanted marble doors that remain sealed to those who wish to plunder them or to use the entrance to access the Sentinel’s Depths beyond. The doors are carved into the form of a massive demonic bull’s head that seems to be laughing at those who would try to force their way in. Access is exit-only (the doors swing open easily when pushed from within and reclose pushing aside everything that’s been used to hold them open in the past) unless those who approach from outside bear the Emerald Key of Lavot, cast knock or a similar spell such as door control, and kneel before the portal holding the key aloft.

The Mocking Crypts (1200 dpi)
The Mocking Crypts (1200 dpi)

Within there are a strange mix of crypts…

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