Library of the Dead

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The Library of the Dead is a non-combat encounter site for a party of any level. While not a quest, the library is a unique and interesting place to send your party. The library puts a creepy spin on the idea of how knowledge can be stored in the D&D multiverse. While written with D&D 3.5 edition in mind, the site can be adapted for Pathfinder, 4e, or any fantasy themed game. The library can be dropped anywhere and is suitable for parties of any level.

Background (for the DM)

The librarians of the Unsul Library pride themselves on knowing a little bit about everything.

The Library of Unsul started as the pet project of a worthy noble that placed scholarship above all else. As the youngest son of a large noble family, the scholar, whose name was Regulus Unsula, had little chance of inheriting his father’s title (or responsibility)…

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