Age of Ashes #60: The Trail of Scarlet Tears

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party was joined by a new holy warrior, Shrubby, and was captured by the vile Barushak, Kintargo leader of the Scarlet Triad. They now ship the party off to a slaver camp… (-GM)

Barushak Ik-Varashma

22nd of Pharast, 4720 AR

Deku was alone in the caravan. Mostly everyone else was together in a wagon. He sat alone with some other prisoners as his friends schemed without him. Eventually he heard crashes outside and broke out. He jumped out of the wagon to find a battle between the rest of the team, plus Laria Longroad (of the Bellflower Network in Kintargo), and the forces that had captured us.

Deku ran to the wagon with the weapons and began to distribute them to the other adventurers. In the end it was just the main caster, Barushak, on the other team. But even he fell. Later Deku was informed that Mike broke…

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