My Personal Gaming History

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Whenever I write articles on this site, be they retrospectives, histories or whatever. I always look at the games and companies behind those games. It struck me a while back that I never explored my own gaming history. The consoles and computers I owned and played on, the games that shaped me into the gamer I am today. So I thought, why not take a trip through my own personal history of gaming? I actually started writing this article in late 2019. It is now (as of publishing) March 2021, so why the huge gap? Well, I’ll answer that at the end.

The first console we ever owned was the all-time classic, the Atari 2600. That wood-finished beast was a gaming cherry taking machine that a lot of people my age grew up with. Now, I can’t remember the first game I ever played, but the 2600 came bundled with…

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