My favourite Twitch voices

Later Levels

More bloggers have found their way to Twitch over the past year. Additional free time during lockdown and a desire to connect with others more immediately gave many the opportunity to try streaming for the first time or to do it more frequently.

There are three main elements that combine to make a good stream experience for me. First, it’s more fun when other blogger-friends are in char because it feels like we’re all hanging out; then next, it’s more enjoyable when the game being played is from a genre I’m interested in. The last factor may sound strange but it’s something we’ve talked about on a few occasions recently: it always helps when the streamer has a soothing voice you could listen to for hours.

Many of my blogger-friends now stream regularly (shout-out to the #CoolKidsofWordPressonTwitch) and each of them have something special that makes them worth…

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