Azeroth’s lack of pantheon


Belghast has a rather interesting post up about the lack of defined pantheistic religion in World of Warcraft. The few religious figures that are in the game are either very abstract, such as “the Light”, or rather niche such as the Troll-specific Loa. The Night Elves do worship Elune, but there’s very little detail about this deity, at least in comparison to other MMORPGs or the tablet top games the genre grew out of.

Elven temple in Val’sharah

I was the type of kid that was very happy to pour over the details of the Aztec mythology or the Egyptian pantheon for hours. Religion has always been one of the pillars of world setting and story-telling in roleplaying games for me. It explains, in part, why I eventually became pretty heavily invested in the story of The Secret World MMO; and why I really loved the Egyptian zones, areas…

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