Maintaining a grassroots gaming community in a niche game

If you’re familiar with this blog, you probably have noticed that I’m fond of fighting games. They, as a genre, have very much to offer. However, there are big series like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat (Guilty Gear, perhaps, as well) and rarely anything else gets covered in the press. That’s a shame because there are many interesting sub-genres and games, which fly under the radar of everyday player and sometimes, the fighting game community as a whole. I believe that one of those games is Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid. I’ve been playing it on Switch for the last few months and it’s been a lot of fun, as the game has pretty much everything a high-quality product should have (aside from some stuff here and there) – good netcode, enjoyable gameplay, nice soundtrack and so on. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of players in the community…

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  1. This blog post will consist mostly of an interview I conducted with a moderator of the unofficial EU server of the game, Technically Footsies, who has been playing the game for quite a while. In it, we will cover a lot of aspects regarding community management, the game itself, its perception in the fighting games community. It may be interesting to see how a player who takes on community management with no professional or formal background in the industry deals with issues community managers have to put up on daily. If you are a professional, you may also have a valuable glimpse into the mind of an engaged player, who got hooked enough to not only spend money on the game but also to invest his time and work into developing a separate branch of the game’s community.

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