Nadsokor, the City of Beggars

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Once an important city-state of law, Nadsokor is now a massive open sewer, ruined, collapsed, filthy, and foul. Unfortunately close to the Forest of Troos, the farmers of Nadsokor began harvesting food from that blighted place and the city was beset by plagues… to save themselves from the plagues, the people of Nadoskor turned to the Dukes of Chaos who “purified” the city with the scouring flames of Checkalakh the Burning God. Regretting this choice, they turned back to the gods of Law, who “blessed” the city by sealing the burning god in the sewers and basements of the city. The surviving populace left for other city-states, but the poor, the lame, and the sick were turned away. They returned to Nadsokor and thus it became the City of Beggars.

Nadoskor - City of Beggars (click for 1200 dpi zip file)
Nadoskor – City of Beggars (click for 1200 dpi PNG)

I drew this map based on the structure originally drawn…

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