Zhaneen: Burnhurst

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

On Mordheim: yes, there are no female Chaos archetypes in Mordheim, but this is isn’t a playthrough; instead what we have here is an imaginative work, a work inspired by Mordheim as I play it .

I’ll be the first to tell you, my starshine, that Burnhurst was empty of those Rikers who love to hunt Cultist, but let me also tell you, I was suspicious. The yocals were too nice, too calm, too collected, so instead of summoning some hellfire, I started one in the temple where they were hiding.

“I like fire,” said Grak, watching the fire eat the aged wood of the temple’s backdoor.

“Play with it baby,” I flirted to ignite his fuel. And because I did, he took a burning log to the corner of the wooden edifice, setting fire to it.

“I want some,” said ugly Lum, not waiting for an invite. He took…

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