Hell’s Rebels #31: A Barrel of Trouble

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

The party is defeated. But luckily they have made a new friend along the way. –GM

20th of Sarenith, 4715 AR

So as it turns out, I really hate getting stuck in barrels. Not that I get stuck in barrels a lot, mind you.

The day started out pretty good, actually. We were fighting some skum in the watery tunnels beneath our new base, and giving a pretty good show of it, when this magic-y guy showed up. His name was Ghoul-Crag or Gruel-Nag or something. Long story short, his buddies jumped us, knocked us out, and stuffed us in a barrel.

After a few hours unconscious, and a few minutes of fruitless struggle against the unyielding wood, Sillin came along. He’d been wondering where we got off to, and was very startled that we had been captured. After he let us free, we immediately got our shit together and…

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