Single-try dungeon challenges in MMORPGs


It’s a rarity in modern MMORPG gaming to face a challenge that you can’t retry. In single player RPGs there may be consequences for failure in fighting a boss or other encounter, though with save games such consequences are usually not so permanent. In MMORPGs, usually, there are no chances to “load back” if something goes wrong, but then you can just respawn and try again anyway. I’ve written before about death-zerging encounters that are maybe too high level or too tough for my character. In some cases you are able to reenter the fray after defeat before the fight even ends and can whittle down the boss’ health by repeatedly rejoining the battle.

It was with some consternation then, that we faced a “one-shot” challenge in the WoW Classic version of Scholomance, yesterday. Our beta-team Horde characters have finally reached the last tier of dungeons in Classic, and are…

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